Founded in May of 2007 by   LEA KELLEY

The upside down bat is symbolic of rebirth and new perspective.

Bellingham Art Tank is a think tank, a networking resource, and a supportive cooperative for artists of all levels and media.

B.A.T. is interested in promoting and supporting artists who genuinely reflect the world around us. Sometimes that world is beautiful and sometimes it can be difficult to hear, look at, or read but it is essential for it to be truth or we have failed as artists.

Artists are recorders of the present and meaning makers of the future. We are the nonconformists who guide our fellow humans to the true mirror of evolution, progress, and need for change.

Artists are a product of their society. Therefore art is a reflection of that society.

Art may be a catalyst for awareness and positive change when it is not limited by conformity or censored by fear.

It is the aspiration of B.A.T. to provide a venue that is uncensored and a think tank network for artists who will not compromise their art to accommodate the limitations of complacency or adhere to archaic social ideals.

Our society has cultivated new art forms and expressions that have never been needed before. Our society has never been what it is now. We are evolving to incorporate more information and learning to accept our new culture.  We cannot hold on to the past. We must grow.

Every period has had it’s artists, writers and composers. They lived by different rules in a different social climate. We must embrace the new social climate and learn what we are cultivating so that we may know where we are going and make informed choices on this path.

We can learn from, inspire, and support one another to contribute to our ever evolving culture.

For more information about Bellingham Art Tank contact msleakelley@gmail.com


4 responses to “WHAT IS B.A.T. ?

  1. Hello, I am interested in your artisit collective. I am moving to Portland, OR and am wondering how far you are from Portland. I would like to get involved as an artist, volunteer and posibly for employment. I would love to forward my resume to you.
    Thank you,
    Elizabeth Ruth

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    BAT is primarily a networking resource for local artists. There is a free studio available for those who have no place to create and sometimes we have gatherings but it is mostly about Bellingham artists. If you do make it up to Bellingham, you are very welcome to drop by the studio. If you are looking to connect with other artists for networking, inspiration or just sharing, please feel free to leave your info on the message board and again, drop by the studio any time.

  3. thanks for the inclusion, when can we meet in person? p.s. i now have an online interview from a western wash. univ. student. haven’t put a link to it on my website tho. write soon.
    love, J

  4. P.P.S. i have two bats tattooed on me and await more. ALL HAIL SABBATH!

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